Telenet Chat Widget

This pages contains the code necessary to add the Telenet widget to webpages.
Non of this code is restricted and is, once implemented equally visible on the website and contains NO tokens, security keys or other security risks.


As discussed the setup for the Telenet website exists out of two code parts:

  1. Embed the default widget code
  2. Add the Premium Plus script via a meta tag to head under the default code

The link for the Premium Plus script:

An example of the setup can be found in the source code of any of the pages linked below.

Configure the Array

If you ever enable new pages, we need to append the URL path to the array below.
We only need to append the path after the locale-indicator /nl/ or /fr/.

Currently edit-access to the arrays is restricted to Premium Plus but we can add a CallExcell GitHub user for pull requests to add code themselves.

Example Code

tier_1 = [

tier_2 = [

You can verify the assignment and status via the browser console.